event_12443Welcome to Sepp Holzer Permaculture.

You will be thrilled for taking the time to study this wonderful and essential site.

The sole purpose of this website is to spread the word about the Holzer Technique (also called Holzer Permaculture or Holzer Agro-Ecology.

This is a platform where you will find Sepp Holzer information and materials as well as scheduled dates for worldwide seminars, in which Sepp Holzer is involved and/or where his technique is taught and applied.  Dates will be frequently updated.

Sepp Holzer is famous amongst his followers for his work on his original farm the Krameterhof and the positive landscape changes he initiated in Extramadura (Spain), Tamera (Portugal) and Kallispel (Montana, USA).

Since 2012 he and his wife ‘Vroni’ are living and creating yet another paradise at the Holzerhof (Burgenland, Austria).

He is treated like royalty in Ukraine and Russia, were he is helping the development of Anastasia-inspired Ecovillages.

At present Sepp Holzer is 78 years old, and still very enthusiastic about sharing his huge amount of experience with interested nature enthusiasts of all ages.  For this purpose he is constantly consulting and traveling the world.

20120225heirloomcattleHe is an avid friend of plants, animals and humans and is driven to help our mother Earth, our great planet, to become as green and fertile as possible, so all animals and humans can thrive.

Sepp Holzer’s technique is unique, because he truly learned to read and understand nature from childhood on.  He observed, read and listened to nature and to this day draws conclusions from nature (flora and fauna), while sometimes also making mistakes… but in time correcting and perfecting his techniques through new daily experiences.

His understanding on how to restore nature by developing decentralized water retention spaces is unique.  Just like our bodies are about 70% water, the Earth’s surface is covered with about 70% water.  Any successful fertile landscape needs an abundance of well-managed water.

The water cycle, as defined by Viktor Schauberger, is today only HALF of what it should be.  To repair our world-wide natural environment, the water cycle needs to be FULLY operational, which will result in a green planet and stop desertification.

siberianThe Principles of the Sepp Holzer Techniques are:

Farming in Harmony with Nature (flora/plants&soil and fauna/animals)
Aquaculture (Water retention Spaces and Crater Gardens)
Terraces and uniquely designed Raised Beds (hugel cultures)

In contrast to common thinking and concerns about catastrophes being the revenge of nature or a result of global warming or similar, Sepp concludes that catastrophes are happening, “when too many people are acting stupid at the same time” by not understanding nature’s one and only truth.  Keep it simple and listen and learn to read nature by following Sepp Holzer’s suggestions and you will learn it too.

You are encouraged to:

Educate yourself by reading and watching the info on this website.

Get books and videos to educate yourself.

Attend a seminar/workshop (available in German, English, Russian and other languages).

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